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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 02:49 pm
So I've been doing this night shift for just over a week now. I've noticed a few things: I've been leaving work in a good mood. I'm exhausted, but I haven't felt angry, stressed, or left crying. I've been leaving work happy. Don't know if it's the change in the level or work, or I'm just happy to get the heck out of Dodge. I'm also only working 4 nights per week. I know it's going to put a hit on the paycheck, but with the shift differential, it won't hurt as bad. I figure if I need to pick up more hours later I could.

I'm tired though. I knew I would be. This shift messes with your sleep patterns. I've been falling asleep fairly quickly, waking up about 5 hours later on my own. I've been waking up in with my mind in a good place. Mind you, this only lasts for a couple hours, but it's an improvement.

I have plenty of time between getting up for my day and actually going to work. I just need to get into a pattern of getting moving and doing stuff around here. I'm hoping that when my daughter gets home, we fall into some sort of routine.

I'm also excited because my daughter finally comes back from Cali tonight. I'm going to pick her up from the airport. I don't need to as her father and his family is also flying out. This is the only time before Christmas I get to see her. I'm actually so excited to see her tonight that I'm surprised I got any sleep at all today.

So, that's me this week. Hope everyone is have a great week and that your Holidays are wonderful!